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The Ellada Diary

A love letter to Greece

Taking inspiration from the rich heritage of Greek culture, the Ellada Diary high jewellery collection captures the beauty of this land of history and myth. Named Ellada after the ancient name for Greece, the collection embodies the diverse artistic traditions that have nourished Alder’s creativity for generations.

Like the pages of a travel diary

If the world is a book, every journey is an invitation to turn its pages. Like a travel journal filled with sketches and impressions, the Elleda Diary Collection channels Adler’s love for Greece. From the majesty of the Acropolis to the relaxed lifestyle of the Cyclades islands, every page brings to life a different facet of this captivating country.

Each piece in the collection is as unique as the memory that inspired it. The geometric lines of a white-walled village against the azure of the summer sky. The rugged beauty of the islands lapped by a sapphire sea. Laughter-filled afternoons around a table in the company of friends. The heat of the summer sun, the sparkle of the waves.

A feast for the senses

The Ellada Diary Collection displays our love of flowing lines, subtle asymmetry and colour.  Pairing precious gemstones and diamonds with white or yellow gold, it exude the warmth and generosity of the Greek spirit. The  design draws inspiration in equal parts from the geometric motifs of ancient art and from the exuberance of nature. Diverse in inspiration, harmonious in style, our Ellada Diary reflects the essence of Adler style.

Join us on the journey, and discover Greece through new eyes.