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Brilliance and shimmer to delight you!

In seduction, as in high jewellery, each impulsion, each gesture is significant.

Whether it be to win a heart,

or to create unique pieces glowing with imagination and passion, loving attention to detail is everything. Once relatively rare and understated, today brooches have been reinvented in the skilful, inspired hands of Adler’s master craftsmen.

This age-old expression of the jeweller’s art, which can be traced back beyond the decorated clasps of Roman times, is now reclaiming its bygone splendour.

Highlighting a collar, gleaming on a neckline, signatures of style, brooches now wander at will on elegant garments, attracting the eye with their beauty and originality.

the daintiest of minute contours, Fan’tasia graces its wearer with subtle elegance. Sparkling on their white-gold fan, diamonds and sapphires concur in a dialogue of exquisite hues and shapes.

Pure refined structures, delicate design,