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The goddess of abundance

Adler’s inspirations range far and wide, from the beauty of organic forms to the artistic heritage of great civilizations.

Named after the Roman goddess of the harvest, our Ceres parure expands on these two signature themes in a glittering exploration of the abundance of nature.

Light curves

The crown of wheat worn by the goddess Ceres symbolized her life-giving power. The pure lines and striking asymmetry of the Ceres parure in diamonds and white gold showcase Adler’s creative prowess. The earrings feature a single strand of wheat entwined in an endless loop, a symbol of eternal abundance.

A single stem of wheat twice encircles the neck before bursting into a spray of diamonds at the collarbone.

The 24 marquise-cut diamonds are suspended in an airy lattice setting, which melds almost invisibly with the diamond-paved lines above and below. The semi-rigid construction ensures the necklace maintains its fluid shape and comfortably embraces the neck.

The placement of each diamond grain echoes the organic pattern of nature, while the asymmetrically interlacing lines create an impression of flowing movement.

Adler’s love for the simple forms of nature finds expression in this high jewellery parure.

Our Cérès Parure