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Peaceful radiance

The centuries-old olive trees that cover the lush hills of Corfu yield an oil as golden and intense as the Mediterranean sun.

This timeless symbol of peace and abundance inspires our radiant Evdokia parure, reinterpreting branches of leaves in 18K polished yellow gold and yellow diamonds.

Touched by the sun

The Adler touch is evident in the asymmetrical placement of the leaves and the masterful use of textural contrasts to evoke the infinite variety of nature. The earrings feature a starburst of polished gold and pave leaves amid which nestles two pear-cut fancy intense yellow diamonds.

The gold leaves are alternately polished to a bright sheen or dusted with sparkling yellow diamond pave, creating an irresistibly warm, sensual feel.

The necklace is cleverly articulated to give the leaves a rippling movement while maintaining its elegant shape. A detachable 5.01 cts pear-cut fancy intense yellow diamond pendant peeks out from beneath the leaves like a tiny sun.

Like an ode to Greece, “The Ellada Diary” collection celebrates the many facets of this beautiful land and its rich artistic heritage.

Adler’s love for the simple forms of nature finds expression in a high jewellery parure as captivating as the sun-kissed island of Corfu, the final stop on our Greek journey.

Our Evdokia Parure