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The power of nature

Our Laurea parure draws inspiration from the laurel tree sacred to Apollo, the Greek god of music and light.

Apollo is frequently depicted wearing a laurel crown, a symbol of victory and honour.

Laurea earrings in white gold set with emerlads

Triumphant emeralds

Our master jewellers have conjured sprays of laurel from bright green Zambian emeralds. Each stone catches the light at a different angle, creating a vivid illusion of fluttering leaves. Adorned with a bright spray of laurel, the hoop earrings feature a double row of diamonds suspended like dewdrops from slim pave lines.

Echoing this ancient tradition, bright emerald leaves unfurl across the Laurea necklace with eye-catching asymmetry, a hallmark of the Adler style.

Three rows of round diamonds taper gracefully around the neck before merging with the emerald leaves. Playing with contrasts of structure and fluidity, solid lines of pave enhance the shivering movement of the prong-set diamonds.

Laurea necklace by Adler Joailliers

As we travel through Greece, we are filled with wonder at the genius of this great civilization.

Living in harmony with the gods and nature, the ancient Greeks channelled their awesome power in monuments that have endured until today. Adler’s Ellada Diary collection pays homage to the many facets of this rich artistic heritage.

Our Laurea Parure