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Enchanting gardens

The infinite variety of nature is the inspiration behind many of Maison Adler’s creations.

And where better to enjoy nature’s bounty than by exploring the world’s most beautiful gardens? Our Tivoli parure in diamonds and white gold channels the experience of strolling through the Tivoli Gardens in Rome, a lush landscape designed to enchant all the senses.

Tivoli earrings by Adler Joailliers

Light as a breeze

Subtle balanced diamonds of variety shapes, from round to oval and marquise. These sparkling leaf shaped earrings are light as a breeze.

Inspirations from the enchanting gardens in Rome, the exquisite ‘Tivoli’ diamond parure bursts in bloom.

This exquisite necklace and earrings set conjures the vision of a garden in winter, each leaf and branch outlined in glittering frost. Two diamond-studded boughs embrace the neck in a graceful curve, enlivened by Adler’s hallmark asymmetry. The irregularly placed leaves taper to the centre, where the two branches gently touch, as if swaying in a light breeze. A pear-shaped diamond pendant attaches to the necklace with a hidden fastening, like a dew drop falling from leaves.

Tivoli necklace by Adler Joailliers
Tivoli necklace by Adler Joailliers

Adler’s jewellers have fashioned a flexible setting that creates an illusion of weightlessness and enhances the sparkle of each delicate leaf. To evoke the abundance at the heart of nature, our gemmologists have selected diamonds in a variety of shapes, from round to oval and marquise. The necklace is slightly articulated to sit comfortably at the collarbone while maintaining its graceful curve.

Our Tivoli Parure