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Kiss Me Again

When Rubies Flirt with Diamonds

Adler’s “Kiss Me Again” set harmoniously combines the contrast between rubies and diamonds in an asymmetrical design, a signature of Adler. 

On one side, a cascade of oval-cut rubies evokes passion and strength. The other side sparkles with oval-cut diamonds symbolising purity and elegance. Echoing our 2018 “Kiss me” set, this set offers a fresh take on our “half and half” necklaces and embodies harmony and duality. 

Flowers detail

Harmony and asymmetry in design

This necklace, the centrepiece of the set, crafted in 18kt white gold, is adorned with 25 oval-cut rubies totalling 35.86 carats and 26 oval-cut diamonds of 17.41 carats. The stones are meticulously placed to create a harmonious gradient, offering a captivating visual where colours seamlessly flow into each other. Each gemstone is surrounded by a micro-pavé setting of the same colour, adding depth and brilliance to the design. 

Kiss Me Again Necklace
Kiss Me Again Earrings

Symphony of Rubies and Diamonds 

The earrings, with their asymmetric composition, are crafted in 18kt white gold and blend classicism with modernity. They feature 5 oval-cut rubies on one side and 5 oval-cut diamonds on the other. This combination creates a subtle balance of both colour and shape contrasts. 

Our Kiss Me Again Parure

Uniqueness and elegance 

This jewellery set perfectly embodies our philosophy of ‘Classic with a Twist,’ offering a style that is both distinct and timeless. With “Kiss Me Again,” Maison Adler invites you to embrace your uniqueness, expressing your individual style with confidence and sophistication.