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With Heart, With Style

For more than 130 years, Adler has been creating distinctive, innovative jewellery, unique pieces which become part of our Haute Joaillerie collection. Since our earliest days we take great pride and satisfaction to design and create jewels on request.

True luxury is human connection

As jewellers, we believe in style and beauty – in fact, we focus on those qualities as sources that can bring joy and even transcendence into our lives. We are thus constantly seeking new ways of pleasing the eyes– a mix of surprise, pleasure and admiration.

Driven by an ideal of generosity and sharing

As a family leading a business, we also believe in heart. And by heart, we mean not only dedication and even passion for our trade and its many exacting dimensions, but also love in its manifold expressions. Our generation, inspired by our kindly and generous ancestors and hoping to emulate them, genuinely tries to relate “human to human” first – with all stakeholders around us.

Our values
passed down for 4 generations

Driven by her spirit of freedom and openness to the world, Maison Adler sees her activity as an art that she shares with generosity, authenticity and a communicative passion which has been passed down for 4 generations.


Non-conformist, Adler emphasises freedom in the realisation of its creative process


Inspired by our generous ancestors, we genuinely try to relate “human to human” first – with all stakeholders around us.

Open to the world

Adler’s distinctive inspirations, love of nature, love of travel, love of ancient civilisations and their cultural treasures.


With openness to all and sincere advice, we have built customer trust through generations.

Communicative passion

We love to share our passion for special gemstones, elegant designs and refined craftsmanship.

Our Creative Legacy

The Adler

Our creations demand unequalled levels of expertise and skill, brought to life through the passion and personality of experts devoted to beauty. There has always been a generous open-mindedness in the family tradition, a natural progression where the inspirations of each participant, gemmologist, designer, cutter, gem setter and jeweller all come together to reach the perfect conclusion: another exceptional jewellery creation that is as surprising as it is self-evident.


Since its earliest days, Adler has created jewellery on request offereing its warm service and avant-garde design expertise to its clients.
We create special and unique pieces based on your singular story and personal needs.


Adler’s distinctive style is born of the fusion between the rich history of the oriental jewellery tradition and the cultural markers of European conventions and taste. Thus each creation draws upon these elements of the Adler style, and contributes to the evolution of our heritage.

“The purpose of artistic beauty in its highest states is more than ‘aesthetic’ pleasure. Its function is to give life.”

François Cheng
Allen and Daisy Adler
“With Heart, With Style”
We welcome you to discover our universe.

Warmly, Allen and Daisy