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Waves of light

The unfamiliar sights and colours of faraway lands have the power to open our hearts and inspire our souls.

Those precious moments of discovery are central to Adler’s creativity. For generations, we have explored the world’s great cultures and distilled their unique aesthetic in each of our creations, with the freedom that flows from mastery.

Distinctive asymmetry

Our master jewellers have created a lattice setting of incredible delicacy, shaped to embrace the curve of the neck. The almost invisible prongs magnify the brilliance of the irregularly set diamonds.

A lattice setting of incredible delicacy

Thanks to a secure mechanism developed exclusively for this piece, the central diamond can be interchanged at will with a marquise-cut Burmese ruby.

Longsheng Earrings by Adler Joailliers

Spanning East and West, our Longsheng parure evokes the rice terraces of South China, cascading across the hills in sinuous waves as far as the eye can see. Adler’s signature asymmetry come into play in this refined necklace and matching earrings. Hundreds of marquise-cut diamonds of varying sizes tumble in a graceful stream to a large diamond placed slightly off-centre, like a mountain pool reflecting the sky.

the earrings complement this masterpiece