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“My Way” Collection design inspiration

“My Way” Collection design inspiration

Maison Adler has always been interested in fostering new creative energies, especially those of the young jewellery designers involved in the genesis of tomorrow?s trends.

For the last four years, Adler’s design and production teams have collaborated with the HEAD ? Genève (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design), Geneva?s Institute of Art and Design, on a wide range of projects.

The inspiration for this project arose from a workshop held in 2019 under the supervision of Tiffany Bähler, with members of the Adler team.

The secondyear students were given a brief then asked to “show their originality by interpreting Adler’s spirit and values in an innovative” jewellery collection in gold.

Julia Karepin based her inspiration on the lovely curves of a woman’s body.

Commingling femininity’s undulating lines with a certain asymmetry. She created jewellery pieces that are both classic and contemporary, a tribute to the sublime beauty of a woman’s body, and a reminder of the memory she leaves behind her when she accentuates her individuality.

Inspirations Julia Karepin pour Adler Joailliers

Born into a family of jewelers in Saint Petersburg, Julia Karepin has always been attracted both by artistic design and handson creation. Julia was drawn to the jeweller?s art from an early age, and began to make her first pieces.

After secondary school, her ambition was to attend HEAD Genève, and in 2016 Julia enrolled in the Products Design Section, for Jewellery and Accessories.?This institute has made its reputation by laying special emphasis on trends in modern art, and bold, innovative design. Thanks to her intense involvement in her studies, and the excellent quality of her work, Julia obtained her Diploma with Honours.

Congratulations to all the HEAD Genève participants! We would especially like to thank the students, Elizabeth Fischer, the head of the Jewellery Design section, Watches and Accessories and indeed all the teaching staff at HEAD ? Genève for the confidence they have placed in us, and for the quality of their engagement.

Inspirations Julia Karepin pour Adler Joailliers

Inspirations My Way Julia Karepin pour Adler Joailliers