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Heritage and Communicative Passion

Bomsori Kim playing violin during Gstaad Menuhin Festival

Our partnership with the Menuhin Festival in Gstaad

We are proud to support the Gstaad Menuhin Festival who creates opportunities for young musicians to showcase their talent through the “Menuhin’s Heritage Artist” programme. We are delighted to help a new generation of outstanding musicians to carry on the legacy of the Festival’s founder with their instrumental skills and exceptional musicality. By investing in these young talents, we are contributing not only to the preservation of Yehudi Menuhin’s musical legacy, but also to the ongoing enrichment of the music scene.

A similar communicative passion drives Adler in all its creations, where each piece of jewellery is designed to tell a story and spark emotions. Together, we celebrate a unique symbiosis where music and jewellery meet to create pure delight.

The most precious heritage, whether artistic or cultural, has no real value unless it is passed on with passion so that it continues to inspire future generations.

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