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Pre-eminent elegance

Elegance delights and inspires us, in its presence we feel exuberant and as light-hearted as air.

We are transported back to our most delicious dreams,

where suddenly borne by angel wings, we observe the heavens and aspire to mount, lighter than air, in an enchanting ascent. Gravity and all heaviness of body and spirit, fade and vanish in the seductive presence of elegance.

Alas, at daybreak we must leave the enchanting reverie of our dreams, but elegance is a tangible reality. Its grace is visible and compelling.

From an exceptionally pure and ethereal design, as a homage to beauty herself, the Maison Adler has created l’Envol, a semi-rigid white gold necklace, set with diamonds, and perfected with an extraordinary central stone as a removable pendant.

to ascend to the heavenly firmament as it diffuses its scintillating splendour. Two ancillary satellites, matching pairs of earrings, – semi-rigid or fixed, according to whim – consummate the exquisite harmony of this set

The perfection of the central diamond summons the beholder