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“Fan’tastic” Collection design inspiration

“Fan’tastic” Collection design inspiration


Maison Adler has always been interested in fostering new creative energies, especially those of the young jewellery designers involved in the genesis of tomorrow’s trends.

For the last four years, Adler’s design and production teams have collaborated with the HEAD (Haute École d’Art et de Design), Geneva’s Institute of Art and Design, on a wide range of projects.


At a workshop held in 2017 under the direction of Charlotte Pittel, third year jewellery students and Adler team members had a stimulating and creative exchange that yielded numerous ideas for a new Essentials collection.


One of the students at the workshop was Maé Gutierrez from Biarritz. Maé has always been attracted by applied arts and product design and won several awards for her work. For this project, she was inspired by majestic headdresses as well as the fan as cultural artefacts of many civilisations. Thus inspiring Adler’s team to work with the fan as a jewellery object.


Adler’s product and design teams then proceeded to develop Maé’s idea through many different iterations. That transformed it into an elegant and technically artful jewel made of gold and diamonds.  The  ”Fan’tastic” Essentials collection was born.



Design inspiration Fan'tastic
Design inspiration Fan’tastic


Our heartfelt thanks go out to Elizabeth Fischer, the head of the Jewellery, Watch and Accessory Design section. We also thank all of the teaching staff at HEAD – Geneva for their kindness, creativity, and professionalism. And also for their hard work in developing our ongoing collaboration.