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Sylvain Le Guen

Collaboration with Sylvain Le Guen


Sylvain Le Guen was born in 1977. He has always been inspired and fascinated by the beauty and complexity of fans, and today he has chosen to express his immense artistic talent in the creation of these objects.  His passion for Fan-making has led him to reinterpret and reinvent the mastery of the past to produce veritable works of art, displaying incredible originality.   


Sylvain Le Guen
Sylvain Le Guen


Sylvain has spent years studying traditional fan-making and developed a stunning range of technical skills and savoir-faire.  In his hands fans take on a life of their own, as he trims them with embroidered silk, sewn patterns, crystal beads, or pieces of indented leather, for example, but always within the cultural norms developed by thousands of years of fan-makers before him. 

His work is unique. The Japanese art of origami has been a major source of inspiration, yet Sylvain’s elegance remains quintessentially French. His sublime mastery of a vast technical savoir-faire is not only artistically accomplished, it is also pre-eminently poetic.  With his characteristic fantasy and whimsical wit, Sylvain enhances the beauty of life, using his technical prowess to blend a thousand and one materials and motifs in unique artistic creations.

It was in February 2018 that the Adler teams met this gifted artist. We shared so many similarities and common values. The concurrence between our different universes was abundantly obvious. From a sharing of histories, anecdotes, and passions, was born a stimulating artistic collaboration. 

To celebrate the launching of Adler’s new Collection, Fan’tastic, in September 2018, the central feature in the display windows of our Rue de Rhône boutique in Geneva will be the Collection of Sylvain Le Guen Fans, an age-old accessory revisited and reinvented by Adler in its latest jewellery creations.