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Pink cultured pearls & Adler Joailliers

Pink cultured pearls & Adler Joailliers

Born of mankind?s millennial fascination with precious metal craftsmanship and jewellery, Maison Adler, founded in 1886, has inherited and maintained the centuries-old tradition of excellence. Through four generations the family firm has handed down a passion for pearls, which are showcased in all their glory by the artisan?s imaginative mountings. Exquisite pearls are continuously sought after especially the alluring cultured pink pearl, an Adler favorite, only being chosen after careful examination by our in-house gemmologists.

Pink pearls by Adler Joailliers
Pink pearls creations by Adler Joailliers

Cultured pearls are found in a multitude of shapes and colours, ranging from pinks through white, greys to black and gold and cream, the choice is infinite. Often they are round but Adler likes to include the original and unexpected baroque shapes too. Our inventory of exceptional cultured pearls come directly from the producers pearl farm the world over.

Used for generations in jewellery, cultured pearls are naturally essential for Maison Adler, using them for their organic note of lustrous softness and femininity that only a pearl can add to our creations.

Maison Adler selects pearls according to the following 7 classifications: Nacre thickness, Luster, Orient, Size, Surface, Shape, and Colour.

A pearls quality depends on the thickness of its nacre, which determines the longevity and the beauty of the luster. The nacre also displays a colour gradient, like a rainbow, known as orient which gives the pearl its irresistible charm.

The pearl is measured in size (diameter) by millimetres. With all qualities being equal, the larger the diameter the more precious and rare the pearl becomes. Along with a smooth surface, free of imperfections this also adds to its quality and greatly increases its value.

The most requested but rarest shape for a pearl is round. Every now and then given the wondrous orient and luster of baroque pearls, Adler likes to let their creativity run wild by using the never ending original shapes of these beauties in their creations.

Finally, amongst a choice of several different body colours, ?Pink???pearls have long been a speciality here at? Maison Adler, as they are the symbol of love and femininity; representing success and good fortune? in many cultures and making them a clear choice for those who are compelled to have the finest that nature has to offer .?

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