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Our creations with opal

Our creations with opal


Opals are a recent addition to Adler’s collections.

Adler is famous for its attachment to the most beautiful and prestigious of gemstones, prepared with infinite patience, and the precise skill born of decades of sensitive expertise, but has never before included opals in its collections.

However in response to client interest, Adler has decided to include opals in some of its latest creations.


Vibrant, pulsating with living fire, sensitive and responsive to changing emotions, the opal is an ideal choice for the scenarios Adler is visualising for its spectacular sets. Nonetheless, the fierce, passionate opal must often be restrained and subdued.

Opals appear in the driest regions of the world. Rain water displaces fine spheres of sillicon which accumulate in rock cavities. As time goes by, frequently measured in hundreds of millions of years, these cavities unite to form a stone which is sometimes composed of 20% water. An opal will suffer from dehydration, making its beauty all the more precious. An opal is one of nature’s rare gifts, and never fails to astonish and delight. 


« Inspiration has myriad origins, but it is above all the gemstone which influences the  creator.  It speaks to us directly» — Daisy Adler


Beyond its draperies, worthy of aurora borealis, it is important to understand the essential darkness of the stone’s composition. The darker the body of the stone is,  grey, or even almost black, the more precious the opal becomes. Then the spectacular colour show, incredible flashes of red, blue, violet, yellow and green, attests its identity and its rarity. Between Adler and the opal there is an intense exchange of vibrations, which, as in love at first sight, both suspend and accelerate the seconds which pass.

Each opal, once staged in its setting  and presented to onlookers,  has a veritable calling  — to make the heart beat faster.