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Necklace white gold set by Adler Joailliers

Necklace white gold set by Adler Joailliers

Many necklace shapes like the choker, or the sautoir are instantly recognisable. Others such as the plastron or the torque, bear witness to history of jewellery as a reflection of the chronicle of civilisation.

However one particular style of necklace marks a radical departure from these age-old aesthetics. Its name alone, the tie, evokes an attribute of male power.

Its lack of a clasp adds an air of mystery.

Its structure has adopted the serpentine lines of an ophidian.

This symbol of renaissance and immortality emphasises the finesse of the wearer?s clavicules, as it embraces the base of the neck. It then suavely descends towards the d?collet?. The diamonds selected are the result of a long and meticulous process of research. Only stones of the purest white were chosen. Then it was necessary to find perfectly identical pear-shaped diamonds, with the same round and cambered base, and matching points. As well as adding a voluptuous aspect to its appearance, this singular physiognomy ensures an intense reflection of light. But if so much as one diamond in the set is not identical to all the others, even an untrained eye can detect a certain lack of harmony. To make this set 31 pear-taper-shaped diamonds 28.85 carats, 1329 7,20 carats diamonds, and two 2.52 carats diamonds were used by Adler master jewellers, set with consummate skill on a supple white-gold structure.

The unexpected paradox at the heart of this set arises from the contrast between the etymology of the word ?diamond?, from the Latin verb signifying ?indomitable?, and the reality of the necklace itself, which bends to the will of the wearer, to tenderly and closely embrace the most graceful neck, the most delicate d?collet?. By passing the tie through a large elliptic ring, it is possible to adjust it to perfection, tightened up, or languorously lingering, carefully positioning the diamond which will shine in splendour on the d?collet?.

This is where a gooseneck clip places a yellow diamond, whose dimensions are identical to those of the pear-shaped white diamonds which make up the necklace. Its amazing colour,? Fancy Vivid Yellow, the highest intensity of yellow existing in nature, catches the eye and captures the imagination.

Its apotheosis is complete.

Necklace white gold set by Adler Joailliers Geneva
Necklace white gold set by Adler Joailliers Geneva