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Bespoke creations by Adler Joailliers

Bespoke creations by Adler Joailliers

The etymology of the verb “to confide”, (from the Latin confidere) has come to mean the entrusting of something precious, a secret, or an object, to a trustworthy person, in the certitude of their good faith and goodwill.

What could possibly be more precious to Maison Adler, than the trust given by their clients?

The ability to listen, and to truly hear, is a cardinal virtue for the team in our boutique.

Thus a discussion, an exchange of views, often uncovers an inclination to venture into the untested waters of a customised creation.




A dialogue begins, the leitmotif of an adventure involving many partners, the various members of our team, but also the client, as the key player in a concept dear to his or her heart.

Exuberance, great pleasure, excitement, and then restless anticipation follow one another as the creative project becomes reality.

For the most elaborate designs, the presence of Adler’s head designer is imperative, before a tête-à-tête can begin, around a blank page.

Sometimes a superb gemstone, seen and loved at first sight, appears there, sometimes pieces of family jewellery, treasured, but in need of new youth, are revealed.

Keeping in mind the practical limits? of what is technically achievable, while creating a final jewel which both embodies the owner’s dream and possesses that eternal beauty which is so easy to wear, can require the lightness and versatility of a tight-rope walker.

None of this would be possible without a deep understanding of the client’s personality and tastes. It is this privileged relationship which has enabled Maison Adler to bring into being such an abundance of unique jewellery.


“Our best creations are inspired by, and for, people we know well” – Carlo Adler

Between six weeks and six months are necessary for a made-to-order set to come to fruition. However time spent is a secondary consideration when our mission is to delight clients who have put their trust in us.


Bespoke creations by Adler joailliers, Geneva
Bespoke creations by Adler joailliers, Geneva


The story of an impossible colour.

There was once a princess whose favourite colour was a particular shade of pink,? with a slight orange tinge, almost impossible to find in nature.? The wing of the Clinic where she was about to give birth had already been repainted in this colour.? The princess had chosen Maison Adler for the delicate mission of creating matching jewellery.? After much research and reflection, la Maison succeeded in producing a superb set, in the very colours which should not have existed!? When the child was born, the young mother appeared, adorned with the jewels, radiant and joyful.