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Joséphine Pinton

Joséphine Pinton


Having grown up in the family business of luxury carpet-weaving and noble tapestries at Aubusson, Joséphine was naturally attracted to studies in Applied Arts, before launching her career au Bon Marché, rue de Sèvres.


Next came the great Epicerie de Paris, where the world of foodstuffs gave her the opportunity to develop a whole new language in enlarging her mode of expression.  As the seasons changed, this temple of good food became the Théâtre where Joséphine staged her little cameos of Parisian life, inbued with poetry and her signature lightness of touch.


As her talent became more and more widely-known, Joséphine decided to launch her brand, in London for Wholefoods market, then in Paris, in association with Olivier Saillard.  She was chosen for “l’imaginaire” at Hermès, and then by Balmain, bringing their display windows to life with her delightful little narrations.


A new chapter began as Joséphine’s very personal creative universe attracted the attention of Adler’s management team, charmed by her ingenious and amusing product stagings. It was at the beginning of 2017 that the artistic partnership between Joséphine and Adler was launched. Adler’s tradition of faraway journeys in quest of sensory replenishment gave birth to the Collection « Nuages d’Orient », a poetic representation of the story behind our creations. Emblems of the passage of time, of the happiest of permutations and the most beautiful of dreams, Joséphine’s beguiling clouds dramatise our jewellery collections, with delicacy, of course, but above all with a sense of wonder and surprise.


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