Since 1886 our passion for fine gems and high jewellery has been carefully transmitted, from one generation to the next, through the years and across borders. A distinctive style, innovative vision, devotion to precious stones and a love of beauty: a cherished heritage bequeathed by three prior generations.

Grand Bazar
Scutari, 1905

1886 - 1936
A First Journey

It was in late-19th-century Istanbul that the Adler saga began.

It was in this lively city, then the world capital of jewellery, that our forbear, Jacques Adler, a Viennese trained goldsmith, chose to set up his workshop. A journey. A passion. Immense talent.

Very soon the impertinence and originality of his jewellery captivated the Empire’s grandees. This passion for high jewellery has been transmitted through the years, as we perpetuate our proud heritage.

A journey. A passion

''Adler’s innovational creativity is the fruit of our fascination with the unknown''

1937 1937 - 1971 New generations follow on

Adler Joailliers

In 1937, Edouard Adler, Jacques’ son, joined the jewellery firm and, with his father, developed his aptitude for the multicultural association of the oriental artistic tradition with western tastes. Later, Franklin and Carlo Adler, were introduced to all the secrets of the goldsmith’s craft from their early boyhood on. Enticed by the prospect of delicious chocolate cake, the young Franklin spent countless hours in the workshop, and became the first member of the third generation to play an active part in the family firm, beginning in 1963.

1972 - 2015 Fresh Impetus

3rd generation : Carlo, Franklin and Leylâ Adler (from left to right)


Franklin Adler, joined by his wife, Leylâ, and Carlo, aspired to establishing international recognition. More than a century after its creation, the House of Adler leaves Istanbul, and finds a new setting in Geneva, a global player in the worldwide jewellery market.

More than ever, our family asserts its independence and confirms its groundbreaking style.

Adler Boutiques spread from Geneva to London, Hong Kong, Doha, Tokyo and Gstaad.

Since 2015, Unbridled Creation

Since 2015, Unbridled Creation

4th generation: Karen, Allen et Daisy Adler (from left to right)

We continue the lifework of the three generations which have preceded us.
Our creative energies are always on the move, unleashing the emotion in exceptional gemstones, giving life to precious materials in our quest to attain supreme elegance. Proud of our heritage, we continue to explore the potentialities of rare and unconventional materials in the world of high jewellery.
Karen, Allen and Daisy Adler

''Adler jewellery is characterised by an intriging contrast of materials, textures and shades''.