Héritière d’une tradition orfèvre viennoise et du goût du défi, notre maison allie les matériaux inattendus, les pierres précieuses, aux dessins avant-gardistes depuis plus de 130 ans.

Enshrine the exceptional


Moving beyond period styles and national borders,

we have always striven for creation marked by the subtle individuality which characterises our pieces.


«We are eternal travellers »


« Each discovery acts as a catalyst, giving new impetus to Adler’s creative vision. »

Constantly renewed, Adler’s inspiration finds its source in our faraway journeys in quest of sensory replenishment.

Constantly renewed, Adler’s inspiration finds its source in our faraway journeys in quest of sensory replenishment: cultures from elsewhere, paintings and letters from the past, the intensity of the bonds we form today, the resonance of city life, the delicate scents in a garden, a palace stone from Jaipur . . . As one opens a curiosity cabinet, our family firm gives life to timeless pieces, expressions of the heteroclite and the mysterious, culled from the world’s rich culture.

Exquisite alchemy
Exquisite alchemy
Know how & tradition

Exquisite alchemy

“When I wear Adler jewellery, I forget I’m wearing it”. one of our loyal customers.

To our attachment to absolute perfection, add our taste for risk, and the mastery acquired generation after generation: thus myriad jewellery pieces, both refined and audacious, have been highlighted in our boutiques for more than a century.

Commingling tradition and the cutting-edge, the magic of dreams and the demands of craftsmanship, passion and skill, each Adler creation tells a unique story, fashioned for the woman who wears it.


Fan of light

Iconic pieces

Characterised by their unquenchable curiosity, Adler creators have long been adopting and perfecting the use of new raw materials. Trained in the latest techniques, these pioneers in the choice of unusual materials, have opened up the boundaries of high jewellery as they produce their jewels of character.


The resonance of the creator’s soul, present in the design, the versatility of the shapes in one and the same jewel, accentuate our originality.

Absolute singularity

In perfect symbiosis of body and mind, an Adler jewel has been conceived to unveil the full measure of Femininity, an outpouring of the self. Although the confrontation of diverse materials and the art of contrast have made Adler jewels unique and instantly recognisable, the extreme care taken of each detail crowns our creations with an aura of the sublime.