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Adler Joailliers and Sotheby’s unveil a High-Jewellery Masterpiece

Adler Joailliers Blue Lagoon Necklace

‘The Blue Lagoon’ Tourmaline Paraiba Necklace

Adler Jewellery is delighted to unveil an exceptional collaboration with the prestigious auction house, Sotheby’s, resulting in the creation of a unique masterpiece – the “Blue Lagoon” necklace. At the heart of this creation lies a true treasure – a magnificent tourmaline Paraiba of 93.94 cts, named ‘The Blue Lagoon’.

This necklace has been meticulously crafted by Adler exclusively for the upcoming Sotheby’s auction, “Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels”; during “Geneva Luxury Week” on November 8th 2023. Encompassing jewelry, watches, designer handbags, sneakers, spirits, wine, real estate and more, this Luxury Week is a testament to both the unique and the exceptional.

Mozambican Treasure

Tourmaline Paraiba are treasures of the gem world, known for their captivating colours. Examined by Bellerophon Gemlab on May 27, 2021, ‘The Blue Lagoon’ is a gemstone of extraordinary characteristics. It possesses a transparent, oval, brilliant crown, and fancy pavilion cut, weighing an impressive 93.94 cts, all accentuated by its highly attractive Paraiba color.

This magnificent tourmaline, hailing from Mozambique, exhibits natural clarity and color, devoid of thermal enhancement or clarity modification. A natural tourmaline of such size and quality is exceedingly rare, making it a privilege to possess.

Mix of exquisite craftsmanship and style

Expertly cut by a master cutter, Victor Tuzlukov, the stone’s immaculate clarity is akin to diving into the crystalline depths of the sea. The stone’s brilliance is amplified by a diamond riviere, setting a contrast that speaks of both simplicity and sophistication—a design approach Adler lovingly describes as “classic with a twist”.  The rhythmic dance of marquise, pear, and round diamonds around the central stone adds to its allure, creating a visual symphony of elegance.

This necklace is not only significant for its exceptional stone but also for its uniqueness. It has been exclusively created by Adler Joailliers for this auction, marking a significant moment in the world of jewellery. Such a one-of-a-kind and dazzling creation may never be replicated, making it a true collector’s item.

Blue Lagoon Tourmaline set on Necklace at Adler Joailliers workshop
Blue Lagoon Necklace by Adler Joailliers