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Artistic collaboration with Hervé Arnoul

Hervé Arnoul first hones his skills in industrial design before turning to interior design in Paris. In search of new challenges and adventure, he finds his calling and new worlds to explore in model making. His true artisanship shows in extraordinary meticulousness and unparalleled know-how.

Fascinated by theatre and architecture, he draws inspiration from the City of Lights on his first fantastical foray with scale architectural models. He builds his objects with an artist’s sensitivity using all the possibilities of the most diverse materials.

His original approach to this traditional art is soon rewarded. In 2011, he is made “Meilleur Ouvrier de France,” a unique and prestigious award won in a contest of savoir faire among professionals. Candidates must strive for perfection within time limits and are only allowed the use of basic materials. Other distinctions in applied arts, including the “Grand Sceau d’Argent” of the city of Paris, soon follow.

His ability to make models and shape worlds enables Hervé Arnoul to create reconstructions for various French museums just as naturally as artistic projects. For the luxury world, the artisan gives free rein to the artist’s creative flair with fantastic and dreamlike installations.

Crafted entirely by hand, Arnoul’s unique works unlock the unexpected potential of paper and modern materials, whilst meeting the exacting technical demands of a window display or event.

A disciplined dreamer. A Maison of Haute Joaillerie with a diverse cultural history. The result: An intuitive mutual understanding that frees the imagination, blurring the boundaries between mystical dreamscapes and historical landscapes.

Using the techniques of theatre, suspended decors come together from different perspectives, setting the stage for Adler’s creations. Engaging you to join a little girl on her journey into the land of precious stones as imagined by the artist.